First post on Blot!

I’ve been considering a move from my site at WordPress which I’ve been using for several years. My main complaint is that WordPress, while very powerful, mature system, is also a bit bloated and often times slow to use (at least on my server). My posts there go back many years as they include years of posts imported from other services such as Blogger.

So, I’ve not made any attempt yet to import that history here and plan to wait until I’ve had a chance to give this a proper test-run. That said, I do love the simplicity of a blog based on markdown files. It feels like a bit of magic to simply edit a file and have it auto-update on the website.

And, thinking out loud, I’m considering the potential of combining my two current blogs into just one blog here. I’ve long kept my blog at Beardy Guy Creative separate from my personal blog that often contains political posts. Hmmm.

I like the simplicity of the default theme though I’d guess I’ll at least dig into the possible customizations. Also need to figure out some of the other details such as tags, categories, comments. I’m not sure what’s possible on blot.


July 16, 2022