Top: Bantus Philemon, pipevine or blue swallowtail feeding from Monarda fistulosa, wild bergamot . August 11, 2022
Volunteer squash in my garden. August 10, 2022
Vox has an excellent explainer on how climate change is simultaneously causing drought and flooding: How are floods in Kentucky and a drought at Lake Mead happening at the same time? August 10, 2022
Catching some soft sun rays through the trees on the gravel portion of my morning ride. August 8, 2022
I ride lots of quiet county roads and while I love the landscape of rural Missouri, I no longer view the small churches that dot the roads as quaint. August 7, 2022
A leaf neatly rolled by a mystery insect. August 6, 2022
Rosie! August 6, 2022
Recorded several years ago. August 6, 2022
Enjoying morning rides again. August 5, 2022
Stage Manager and an external screen are proving to be really helpful. August 4, 2022
An excellent and frightening episode of The Climavores Podcast: Today’s food crisis is a postcard from our warming future August 4, 2022
Morning Ride After taking a few months off from cycling to focus on various landscaping projects I decided it was time to ride again. August 3, 2022
I’ve loved The Orville since the first season and Season 3 has only gotten better. August 2, 2022
Seed ticks already out! August 2, 2022
Solar Punk Tiny House! August 2, 2022
Tiny world August 1, 2022
Hothouse Earth July 30, 2022
Rosie taking over my desk July 30, 2022
How everyone can participate in the climate solutions by turning individual actions into collective action: The Secret Weapon of the New Climate Bill? July 29, 2022
NASA Climate Spiral July 28, 2022
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail July 28, 2022
Grasshopper July 27, 2022
A personal encounter with climate change from Adam Horowitz, Dispatch: The Day the River Went Dry: July 25, 2022
Morning dew July 23, 2022
Using Stage Manager on iPadOS public beta: Very useful with 3 windows, cramped with 4. July 22, 2022
Very sad news but not surprising. July 21, 2022
Watching this interview with a young Ugandan Activist Vanessa Nakate and thinking about the incredibly unfair use of resources and the dumping of waste by the wealthiest onto the poorest. July 21, 2022
Iris domestica - Blackberry lilly July 20, 2022
DIY Climate Adaption: Diet July 19, 2022
When daily life becomes constant crisis July 17, 2022
Trying Blot July 17, 2022
Child rape, pregnancy and abortion July 16, 2022
European Heatwave 2022 July 16, 2022
Papilio polyxenes, black swallowtail July 16, 2022
First post on Blot! July 16, 2022
Under the Milky Way June 22, 2022