Trying Blot

So, I mentioned yesterday that I set up a account and blog. It’s something I’ve wanted to try for a good while but wasn’t sure I’d use it. The gist of it is that it’s an easy to use blogging system based on dropping files (markdown, text, html, images) into a folder on Dropbox. The server detects the new file and adds it to your blog. Easy with practically no set-up. It really does seem like magic. New posts (files) are detected with no delay as are edits to previous posts. This post, for example, will update on the server in just minutes with no added work from me. It really is fantastic. I just type and know that within a minute or two the public file is up-to-date. Or, I could do the work locally on a file then just copy/move the file when finished. Either way, it’s a simple drag and drop to the folder on Dropbox. Bonus, all those files are easy for me to access, no database back-ups. Just a folder of files.

I’ve paid for a month and will test but this is so much easier than posting with WordPress. I’ve hosted my two blogs via WordPress for several years, before that Blogger, before that TypePad. I don’t move blogs without good reason so I’ll ponder this a bit!

What are the negatives with Blot? Well, thus far, it’s all very positive. I already pay for web hosting for various other sites, mine are included in that bundle. But Blot is only $4/month which is a fantastic deal and something I can afford if I want to move over. There are two commenting systems that can be added to a Blot blog. I’ll think about adding one but I may just sync the feed over to for commenting/discussion. Blot is run by one guy, David, who is, by all accounts, a super nice guy and very responsive to support requests. In a discussion about Blot over on many very nice things are said about him. So, that’s great but it does make me just a tad nervous!


July 17, 2022