Image Image Rosie!

August 6, 2022 Photography Caturday

Recorded several years ago. I was recording the waterfall, the dragonfly was a happy accident.

August 6, 2022 Nature Video

Image Enjoying morning rides again. Casual pace, 40 minutes, 4 miles. Had a chat with a goose, watched the sunrise. Nice to start the day off with exercise and pretty views.

August 5, 2022 Cycling

_IMG_5951.jpeg Stage Manager and an external screen are proving to be really helpful. Of course iPadOS 16 is still a beta and so a bit buggy. Even so, I’m finding it still very usable and a nice improvement.

August 4, 2022 Desk iPad

An excellent and frightening episode of The Climavores Podcast: Today’s food crisis is a postcard from our warming future

I’m looking forward to exploring their other podcasts: Podcasts for a changing planet

August 4, 2022 Podcast Climate change

Image Morning Ride After taking a few months off from cycling to focus on various landscaping projects I decided it was time to ride again. Just two 4 mile rides a day meets my exercise goal and it’s a pretty ride.

August 3, 2022 Cycling Sunrise